Monodevelop .json theme

Since Monodevelop 5.9 for Unity 5 rolled in the colour schemes are in .json format now. So I had a go at making a retro style Amiga Workbench theme. Programming font shown is Input mono narrow.

Import via Tools > Options > Syntax Highlighting


Download WB_Retro.json (11.4 kB)

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Meshlab cleanup script

Heres a Meshlab filter script I made to help clean and repair 3d scans for retopology and for fixing stubborn/problematic meshes. Performs basic cleanup on T-Vertices, duplicate faces, isolated folded faces, zero area faces etc. 

You may need to recalculate your vertex normals at the end of the process, depending on your application.


Download Cleanup.mlx (2.1 kB)

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